more than 600 kinds of household chemicals and perfumes.



of different price segments focused on a wide range of buyers.



makes the products of our manufacturers attractiveness and accessible.


Household chemicals and cosmetics from "Orien-D" - it is also providing maximum service to our clients. We are doing everything for easy and convenient to operate with us.

For our customers, delivery service is offered, which will bring the goods to the specified address on the next day after the order. For delivery of the goods we use our cars.

At our disposal trucks and minivans of Mercedes Benz. Loading and unloading of goods is carried out on their own. Adjusted routes take the delivery on time.

We have a warehouse of 1000m2. Warehouse modern and equipped with bunk racks . Conducted pallet storage of goods under the scheme address storage.

Rational distribution of goods reduces the cost of warehouse operations , allowing for more cost advantages over competitors.

Take full control of all warehouse operations, allowing the budget correctly build warehouse logistics.

When completing the order , the employee need only a pick up list , the storage location address and the amount of cargo that you want to pick up from there. Address storage system eliminates errors in the placement of goods, provides quick assembly of orders.

For partners

Our key priorities for cooperation:

  1. Building up trust with the manufacturer partnerships;

  2. Defining a strategy for joint development of sales by each manufacturer;

  3. Working together to improve the efficiency of cooperation.


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