more than 600 kinds of household chemicals and perfumes.



of different price segments focused on a wide range of buyers.



makes the products of our manufacturers attractiveness and accessible.


Trading assortment is large enough and has more than 600 kinds of products.

Owing to the cooperation with well-known russian and international companies product line is constantly updated with the most modern and high-tech products.

Thus, the added number of species, varieties and product names. The novelty of the product range meets the changing needs of consumers.

The LTd "Russian beauty" - twenty years ago, began the history of the company . Today we can see the power and beauty of cosmetic products , which enjoys and loves everyone in Russia and CIS countries, it is can be due businessman Baklan Alexei Yurevich . He is a person, who is open the famous brand " Red Line ." Red - the color of love, beauty , and color of winners ... Red means the championship. Bright, life-affirming color symbolizes strength, health and energy.

The "Russian beauty" is among the ten largest manufacturers of cosmetics in the segment of body care now . Since 2003 the company successfully passed the management system certification in compliance with international quality standard.

JSC " Chemical Plant Stupinsky " - dynamically developing company, founded in 1939. In the Soviet Union , the company was known as the largest manufacturer of photochemistry - all well-known developer and fixer . Since 1998 began the production of household chemical products - " Sanitary ", " Persol ", " Antinakipin " etc.

Today, relying on the experience and advanced technology , the company produces more than 130 types of household chemicals, optimally combining affordable price and consistently high quality.

JSC "AIST" - one of the leading companies - manufacturers of household products in Russia . From the beginning, the main goal of the company was to produce and sell high quality washing powder, bleaches , detergents and cleaning products , household soap. "AIST" has economic and technical capabilities to manufacture and sale household chemicals at the highest level. The management staff of company have a qualified engineers , economists, technologists. With the goal of continuous development of the enterprise and the market launch of new products, the management of " AIST " is based on the priority of consumer demands and the systematic approach to quality management , which is achieved through the use of advanced management methods and advanced technologies.

«Chirton» - the homeland of it brand is England . Its name comes from the name of a village in the Northern part of the country , near the border with Scotland. Chirton reflects the spirit of the natural freshness and purity of those places. At present, our company has several brands in its portfolio , including such well-known as Chirton, Liaara, Rio Royal, Tik Tak, Jiva, OT , Mr. Volt and Dr. Clean. Range of increases from year to year , owing to innovative approaches to the production and promotion of our products in the market, and currently employs more than 200 items household products.

The company LTd "EXCLUSIVE COSMETIC" was founded in Belarus in 2001. Within 12 years, has earned the recognition of many loyal customers who appreciate innovation and high quality natural cosmetics. The name speaks for itself , we try to be exclusive throughout. The company constantly takes care of aesthetic form of advertising materials and packaging, trying to adhere to the latest fashion trends and demand in the cosmetic market . Designers create corporate identity.

Cosmetics brand "EXCLUSIVE COSMETIC”- a fundamentally new approach to the production of cosmetics. Caring for your directly to consumers , the company uses in the production of environmentally raw materials only . Assortment list of products is large enough that caters to the individual needs of consumers . Cosmetic lines are constantly supplemented with modern and high-tech products.

JSC "Angrenpak " leading company in the paper industry of Uzbekistan. Is the largest producer of containerboard , corrugated packaging paper and in Central Asia , as well as a major producer of toilet paper, paper napkins and towels. Today it is a modern Angrenpack largest enterprise in Uzbekistan and Central Asia for the production of paper and cardboard and corrugated products.

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Our key priorities for cooperation:

  1. Building up trust with the manufacturer partnerships;

  2. Defining a strategy for joint development of sales by each manufacturer;

  3. Working together to improve the efficiency of cooperation.


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