more than 600 kinds of household chemicals and perfumes.



of different price segments focused on a wide range of buyers.



makes the products of our manufacturers attractiveness and accessible.

The company Orien-D

Company «Orien-D»- is the only direct distribution company in Tajikistan, which carries out large- wholesale purchase of products from major industrial manufacturers, such as LLC «Russian Cosmetics» (Red line), CJSC «AIST»,LLC «Exclusive cosmetic», LLC «Great distribution» (Trade mark «Chirton»), JSC «Stupino chemical plant» (the segment of household chemical goods and perfumery) and JSC «Angrenpak».

The Company has exclusive rights to sell the products above mentioned manufacturers on the territory of Tajikistan. The company successfully works since 2004.

Great work is being done to expand the geography of sales, with the aim of covering remote and inaccessible regions of the Republic. Daily work, with visits of trade points: good and bad, small and large, prestigious and no - this is our main priority. Main indicators of the effectiveness of our work- is the amount of sales, the level of qualitative and quantitative distribution.

Our company is distinguished by the innovative approach, professional staff and high control over the work. Our sales agents are and become the main shops and wholesale markets of the Republic. We are working to ensure that our customer could walk into a shop and buy any product from our range of products at an acceptable price. We would like our consumers are protected from the ever-growing market prices of everyday goods.

Our goal: 100% of the territory, 100% of retail outlets, 100% presence of assortment in retail points

Why is profitable to work with us?

  • A wide range of products ready to fully meet the demand of the buyer in all groups of the goods of household chemical goods and perfumery products;
  • Trade marks of various price segments are focused on a wide circle of buyers with different capabilities;
  • Effective marketing and price policy make the products of our manufacturers attractive and acceptable for end customers.

For partners

Our key priorities for cooperation:

  1. Building up trust with the manufacturer partnerships;

  2. Defining a strategy for joint development of sales by each manufacturer;

  3. Working together to improve the efficiency of cooperation.


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